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Night Time CBD with 5HTP
Night Time CBD with 5HTP
Night Time CBD with 5HTP

Night Time CBD with 5HTP

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Product overview

Created with sustained-release technology, our Night Time CBD capsules deliver 5-HTP and high-quality CBD to your body over 8 hours for a deeper, scientifically proven sleep.

Derived from the naturally occurring amino acid tryptophan, and a precursor to serotonin, 5-HTP is involved in many bodily functions including mood regulation and a normal healthy sleep. With 50mg sourced from grionia simplicifolia extract, it’s the perfect plant-based supplement for your evening regime. 

With our broad-spectrum CBD and 5-HTP combining for a powerfully effective, all-natural sleep aid, we’ve also added 100% NRV of vitamin D3 and B12 vitamin – helping to restore energy levels and build immunity so you always wake up feeling recharged and ready to go.

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